Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had great New Year's celebrations!  We just got back from a whirl-wind 5 day trip to see family and friends in Oregon.  We had such a great time!  We rung in the new year around this ginormous bon fire!  These are huge logs from a friend's 80+ acre property.

If it were up to my husband, we'd live in a similar place, and I must admit that it reminded us of Michigan, and pulled a bit at us... so much room to spread out, no traffic, noise, and so beautiful!  Living where we do, a town or 16-17 thousand people is a good compromise, as I occasionally crave the city life.  We did both, spending a night in Bend, OR, and Portland, OR, so we all got our various "fixes".  Now that we're back, I'm busy tackling laundry, groceries, and the such, but hope to get back into the swing of things soon, including blogging!

I was totally off-line the whole time, but my husband and kids were not, thanks to various internet-connected devices.  I'm the last hold out in the family for mobile internet devices, but having my Etsy shop might change it all, as I had 4 sales waiting for me when I got back home!!  Seeing my husband's new ipod with its camera is pretty alluring too.

I'm constantly amazed at how fast our world is changing.  We had to explain to our kids that when we were their age, we had to use post-cards to communicate with friends on such a tip, not texting cell phones. Seeing them ditch the phone for a nice bon fire was a wonderful reminder that the most primitive of social gathering places can still captivate and make them forget about ipods and cell phones, if only for a few minutes...


My Sweet Prairie said...

I'm always surprised to find out how small so many well-known American towns are! I always assume if we've heard of them, that they must be BIG. Over a quarter of a million people live in Saskatoon, and we are considered a small, small city.

Nice fire!
Happy New Year Becky!

Beth said...

The only bummer about a fire that big.... is you can't get close enough to toast a marshmallow...

It's amazing how connected we all are... how nice it is to unplug and how captivating it all is when you can access it again. We are considering a trip to a cabin... that is not only remote but no power either.

Happy New Year!