Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wed: Architecture

It's Wednesday, so I'm joining up (a bit late) with Lee at Freshly Pieced WIP Wed.

I've got a start on my Project Quilting Quilt.  It's theme is architectural elements.  My quilt is based on the Creole Cottages and Shotgun Houses that are so much a part of New Orleans, especially in the French Quarter and older parts of town.  These houses, as well as so many others have floor to ceiling windows and doors to take advantage of cross ventilation in the days before air conditioning.  That means that there's typically another set of these windows on the opposite end of the house.  Many of these old houses have really tall ceilings.  The houses in the quarter that are more than one story often have beautiful balconies that are an iconic part of the French Quarter. 

I'm also working on my postcards for January ("embellished owls", and "year of the dragon").  I don't want to spoil the surprise though.

While playing around with my new EQ7 program, I couldn't figure out how to design this current quilt, but I did stumble across the applique library, and found a way to print out text applique templates, which makes me so incredibly happy, as I have had another New Orleans themed quilt in my "idea notebook" for quite a while, but getting letters to applique on it was a big stumbling block!  This is no longer the case!  I can hardly wait to finish these other projects before starting on this other fun quilt!


Kelli said...

Looking forward to seeing your New Orleans themed quilts! :o) Sounds like you're having some fun with it all!

Lee said...

That architectural quilt looks really interesting! Can't wait to see more. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

The Thompsons said...

What a cool concept for a quilt.

beebee said...

I saw your comment on the site "That Girl That quilt.
I thought everyone said "fixing dinner" Oh well I guess you have to live in the south to know that is ok to say it. How else do you get dinner if you don't fix it!

hugs from south Louisiana