Sunday, January 8, 2012

New year, new sewing set-up

I've been wanting to change the name of my blog for a little while now. I decided to finally do it! I hope it goes seamlessly. Hmmm... it didn't.  I didn't realize that all of the old links would be gone.... I'm keeping it for now.  I think I restored everything back, but now I'm thinking about starting a new one.  I started blogging over 3 years ago to keep in touch with family and friends when we moved from Michigan to Oregon, but in the last year or two, it's evolved more an more to reflect my sewing hobby.

I've also been slowly moving my sewing things into a more permanent spot in our house, and this week-end, with help from my husband, it is finally pretty much all in one permanent spot! I have been using our dining room table since we moved. We downsized quite a bit in this move, and for the first time in years, we no longer have a spare room or space to use as a guest room/sewing room. I've been slowly clearing off our desk in our master bedroom, getting a printer, computer, and piles of paper and computer-related stuff off of it to make room for my sewing stuff! It's not ideal, and I hate the decor (from the previous owner), but now I don't have to work in the dining room and entryway anymore, and best of all, I don't have to put it all away for company!

Really, the only downside is the lack of light in this room. It's also the coldest room in the house, which is great for sleeping, but not always good for sewing. But hey, I can just drape a quilt over myself LOL! Eventually, I hope to give the room a new, much lighter coat of paint to reflect every bit of natural light we get from our single North facing window. I'm also seriously eyeing the sale next week of Ott lights at Jo-anns fabric...

In case you're wondering, my fabric stash has been, still is and will continue to be all in our closet.

Our year's starting out with some nice changes. How about you? Any good changes?


Anita said...

Oh yay! It looks great.

Beth said...

So far not too much changing here... although... I have also been eyeing some blog changes... but no decisions yet. I'm also still trying to find my way back to the sewing space... it's just too SMALL!