Sunday, January 22, 2012

Treasure in the freezer

This morning, when I opened my freezer, I found this treasure in there that had been stored away by one of my kids. 

Here's where it came from:
You see, yesterday, the sun finally came out, and the icy hold that has gripped us for days finally started to melt!  For a few brief hours, all outside surfaces started shedding their icy skins, much like cicadas do, leaving behind exact reverse models of each little thing... rocks, fence posts, branches and such.  Most broke as they hit this ground, but this little ice shell is now being kept as a souvenir of this natural wonder.  I love the fact that my son recognized and appreciated it enough to save.

Here's a few pictures I took when I could.  It sure was pretty, but I'm glad it's gone!!


H2Ogirl said...

What grand photos! I didn't even venture out!

Susan said...

Gorgeous photos! Fun how your son wanted to save the ice.