Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On deck

I hope all of you had a great last few days!  We certainly did!  The last of my Christmas presents just arrived this morning...  The Electric Quilt 7 computer program!!  My DH ordered it all by himself!!  Is that sweet or what?  It's his birthday today, so I'm going to have to find a way to say both thanks, and Happy Birthday!!

I got a few presents made for my kids... fleece pajamas and I made this ipod cover for my youngest, with plans to make another for my oldest.  Maybe I'll do a tutorial for it here next year (LOL).

I have my Summer Sampler Series "on deck", all pin-basted, and ready to quilt, but it'll have to wait, since I'll be playing with my new toy for a while, I'm sure!!


Beth said...

I have had EQ7 for 18 months and haven't done a thing with it.... isn't that sad? It isn't an intuitive program... I have more luck in PhotoShop and it's a terrible program too. I think I may just have to bite the bullet and spend an hour (at least) every week and do something with EQ!
And the quilt looks great. How are you going to quiltit?

Susan said...

My MIL gave me EQ7 for Christmas! Yea you received it too. :) Once my boys go back to school on the 9th I'll load it up and get started. Can't wait to see your quilted SSS quilt - it looks great.