Thursday, December 15, 2011

Newest (Pendleton wool) stash material!!

I feel so lucky to live in the same place that makes the amazing Pendleton wool blankets.  It's one of only a few remaining textile mills left in the USA.  I've heard that they have an amazing outlet store in Portland, but even here in Pendleton we can still get some really good deals.  The back room of their mill store has true "2nd" blankets for incredible prices... ones that are slightly imperfect, and that's an understatement.  We've taken many friends and family there for tours and shopping, and I always have to call a sales person over to show me the "defect", and often they can't even find it.  This place brings a new definition to the word quality. 

In the same room, they have a few "surprise bins" that they put remnants in.  I've found some really neat fabric in there from time to time.  Today was no exception!  I saw this wool blanket / upholstery remnant there, marked down to $37 (66 inches by 36 inches).  It has to be the most beautiful piece I've ever seen in the bargain bins.  Even marked down (it's normally $50/yrd), it's still probably the most expensive single yard of fabric that I've ever bought, but I'm calling it an early Christmas present for me. 

I'm torn between trying to make something to sell on Etsy or making something just for me!  It seems crazy that a person selling on Etsy from Pendleton Oregon wouldn't take advantage of our mill, but mark-downs are still rare, and this fabric is expensive (but worth it).  With such a big print, I'm thinking a nice jacket, vest, or big purse, maybe a back pack...  pillows, a scarf?  I'm even tempted to collaborate with my oh-so-good-at-woodworking husband to make a piece of furniture..... haha, would THAT be a true test of our marriage or what LOL?!?!  Any other ideas?

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Susan said...

I say keep it in the family! I vote for either making yourself something - like those items you suggested or collaborate with you husband. Because of the bigger print I think you would want something larger - like a jacket. As for collaboration - what about a cedar style chest that can double as storage and as a seat for visitors? You can use the fabric for the cushion. Congrats on the great find. Have fun figuring out what to do with it. :)