Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Churn Dash Quilt done!

My churn dash quilt is all quilted, bound, washed, and ready just in time for Christmas, although, it's going over 3000 miles by mail, so it probably won't get there in time, but it'll be close!  It's always hard to make a quilt for someone else, but hopefully she'll like it!

I made a few pillow cases to "wrap" the quilt in.  I love the way these turned out!  Pillowcases are so easy to make, and make great "wrapping paper".

I also was able to get my next quilt all pin basted and ready to go!!


Beth said...

Is your sewing machine smok'in? Whew... you got a lot done... Have you discussed this next quilt anywhere? What's the story behind it?

Jennifer said...

One of my all time favorite blocks! It turned out wonderful and I love the quilting. Nicely done!

Jennifer :)

Susan said...

Becky, the Churn Dash is amazing! Wonderful job and I hope the recipient loves it. And you "wrapped" the quilt in pillowcases - brilliant. :)