Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coming up for air (gulp), plus a few more postcards

Lately, I've been the kind of sick where I only worry about the survival needs of my family.  Even my husband has stepped in and helped out by making a few meals and braving Wal-Mart to get my antibiotics.  All quilting is at a stand still, and even Etsy has taken a back seat.  I'm finally on the mend, but my energy has been totally drained.  Thank goodness for the miracle of antibiotics, prescription cough medicine, and OTC meds!  I hope to be back in full swing soon! 

I'm just coming up for air to say hi, and to share a few more postcards that I managed to get done in the last week for swaps and for my mom's birthday (top).  My mom taught me to sew, among many other things, but her real passion is music.  This seems perfect for her!! 

The 2 swaps are "Favorite Winter Activity", and "Northern Lights".  I hope the winter group gets my ironic sense of humor LOL, I just couldn't resist!  All joking aside, though, when we lived in Northern Michigan (Gaylord, our closest town, averages 150 inches of snow a year), shoveling snow was a chore I really didn't mind.  It had a meditative quality to it, got me outdoors, and I really do love snow, so being out in it, even with a shovel wasn't bad at all.  I even got to see the Northern Lights while we lived there, which was an experience I'll never forget!  My dad was alive then, and the first thing I did was to call him and my mom to tell them about it as I stood out in the cold in amazement, so it's an especially fond memory for me.  I really was stumped with the NL swap until the very last minute.  Like my microscope quilt, it's very hard to represent light with fabric, but once I found the sheer red ribbon and sheer green fabric in my stash, it all came together!


The Thompsons said...

Get better soon!!! (Your postcards look fabulous - I love the music postcard and polar bears)

My Sweet Prairie said...

Those are TERRIFIC cards!! Seriously! lol You are so creative Becky.
I didn't know you were sick until now I hope you have great holidays!! ; )