Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wed: New Orleans Quilt

My latest "WIP" (work in progress) has been a queen sized version of my New Orleans quilt that I made for the first Project Quilting challenge.  A friend saw it on-line, and sent it on to someone who really loved it enough to actually PAY me to make them one!!  Whew hew!!  I love sewing for people who really appreciate my work.  It truly makes it a joy!

Here's the smaller version I made, and some pictures of the distinctive Creole Cottages in the French Quarter that inspired the quilt (taken by Dan Martone).
I'm hoping to get the back made and get the quilt basted today.  Wish me luck!


Kelli said...

Love it! And I love that you shared your inspiration for it. Happy Stitching!

beebee said...

very nice quilts

hugs from Louisiana

Susan said...

This is WAY cool! I loved the small one but this big one is amazing! I agree, making something for someone who appreciates your work is the best. :)

Jessica PierreAuguste said...

I love it! Very nice work, and it is always great to get a paying job doing something you enjoy! Even if it only funds more fabric purchases. :)