Monday, March 12, 2012

Simple things

Yes, I've totally caught the granny square bug!  I must admit that I was smitten as soon as I saw my first one! A granny square quilt has been on my short list for the last several months, but I finally seized the opportunity to start making them this week-end.

I participated in a local charm square swap here in town, and we got to pick up our final assortment of charm squares on Friday!  Each person bought a yard of an assigned color, and cut them up into 5 inch charm squares.  We had a picture of a piece of art to base our colors on.  It didn't take me long at all to decide that these were going to become granny squares!  All I had to do is cut the 5 inch squares into 4, 2 1/2 inch squares, and start arranging and sewing!  I already have 2 more in the works!!  I can not believe how such a simple design can be SO MUCH FUN!!!

I also finished the last of my scrap attack quilt blocks.  This is also a simple quilt, but the 3 inch squares I'm using have been taking up precious table space in my house for way too long, so I HAD to get it done!  All I need to do now is to cut and sew in the sashing, and borders, and I'll have another top!!  I couldn't resist making a "bar graph" block as my final block LOL!
Finally, I got a rubber stamp off Etsy to help me make my postcards.  It came in the mail Friday as well.  I found an ink pad at a store I went to yesterday, and used it on my first postcard!  It's another simple thing that makes me very happy, although I'm not sure I like the ink yet.  It smudged, even 15 minutes after stamping, despite the recommendation of the craft store employee.  Do any of you use stamps and ink on your fabric?  What do you use?  Maybe I should have heat set it?  I'd love to hear any ideas or feedback!!

I'm linking up for the first time with "Sew Happy Geek" (love the name!) and her Manic Monday link party.  I've started following her and some other quilts on Twitter, and while it is fun, I must say that I feel more like a slow penguin on twitter, rather than a quick little bird!

I hope you all are busy enjoying the simple things in life, as I have been!!


beebee said...

I like those blocks. Is it a pattern or do you just take the same number of squares and put them together in different ways. It will be a very pretty quilt!

A.J. Dub. said...

If that ink is anything like Stampin' UP's Craft Ink, wet and kind of like paint, heat setting would be a good idea. Cover with a thin towel you don't care about and use a hot dry iron. I can't remember how long to leave the iron down on the fabric though. I think you need at least a minute of steady heat on both sides of the fabric. You might practice on scraps to find the sweet spot.

Beth said...

Try the plain old 'office' ink... it's much looser and if I recall its hard to get it out of your clothes... so I'm guessing quite permanent!!! Love the blocks!!!