Saturday, March 10, 2012

Project Quilting challenge 5: Where I Live

This round of Project Quilting's theme is "It's where I live".  It is so close to my last postcard challenge, "Where you are", that I was tempted to just copy my postcards and enlarge it for a quilt.

The is also an additional challenge of using only 3 colors, each beginning with the first letter of your state, city, and street..  My "letters" are P, O, and T, so I almost went with tan, or tumbleweed, pine green and onyx.  But those colors were just neutral for me.  Of course purple and orange came to mind, 2 vibrant colors, and the addition of teal of turquoise proved to be irresistible to me.  I brainstormed ways to use these 3 colors to express "where I live", and it suddenly came to me!

We started the hobby of geocaching back in 2006, when my boys were quite young, and when we lived in Southern Oregon.  After moving to rural Michigan, it proved to be a great cheap thing to do with my boys.  As they got older, and as the sport became more popular we slowly became less active.  It's no fun to find a cache that's been trashed, or to have a "travel bug or geocoin" get stolen.  High gas prices has also made it harder to do as well.  But we still occasionally go out geocaching. 

For this quilt, I first quilted 2 batik prints together, then appliqued the GPS co-ordinates for our house on it.  I hope you'll forgive me for not divulging the exact location of our house.  Since it's so simple, I used some fun free-motion quilting ("matrix" from Lea Day's blog).  The lines remind me of latitude and longitude lines!
I found an old "impulse purchase" fat quarter that I've had in my stash for a long time for the back.

I love the way it turned out, and how geeky it is!! I also love any chance to bring science into a quilt!!


Mel Brooks said...

! GIS/Geography/Mapping is my day job! this made me squeal with excitement! what a great idea :)

Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

Love it! As soon as I saw the letters and numbers I knew exactly what you were saying with the quilt. It is beautiful!

A.J. Dub. said...

You rock! I love how creative you are with these projects.

Beth said...

Your neighbors... might get some visitors.... Great Idea. Worth waiting for!