Monday, February 20, 2012

Star and Bow Ties

Last night, I finished up the last of the Solstice Star Series that Faith at Fresh Lemons Quilts has been hosting.  Her challenge now is to come up with a quilt that only uses these 5 blocks!  These kind of creative challenges are irresistible to me, so I'm already trying to figure something out...  Stay tuned...

Also over the week-end, I had the wonderful opportunity to sew with fellow blogger, "H2O Girl", of Fiber of All Sorts".  We "met" through Gen X's Kona Color Swap, and realized that we both lived in the same area of the state.  As we emailed back and forth, we realized that we actually lived in the same city, and in the same neighborhood!  So when she invited me to spend a few hours sewing with another friend, I gladly accepted!  I had such a good time!!

Since Saturday was Project Linus' annual "Make a Blanket Day", I brought my bow ties to sew up for the current Project Linus Quilt that I'm working on.  It's serendipitous that part of the fabric I was using was fabric that H2O Girl sent me in the Kona Swap!  The "I spy" fabric is all scraps from quilts that I've made for my boys.  I'm hoping this quilt will someday give another boy just a bit of comfort in a time of need.

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