Thursday, August 18, 2011

Odds, Ends, and Fiber Art

First of all, if your name is Faith, Lee, or Kate, don't read any further, unless you want to spoil a surprise... I wasn't going to post anything here, but I saw this link up party that Monika of "My Sweet Prairie" is starting up, and wanted to join in!  It's focus is on fiber arts, with an emphasis on Canadian artists.  I'm not Canadian, but live pretty close. I hope that counts :-).

Other than sewing, I've been doing a little bit of this:
and that:
and a whole lot of hanging out with my boys!

I sewed up a few pillowcases for the kids and their friends (they make great wrapping paper for birthday gifts). 

I also made this "mug rug" for my husband...

But my favorite project last week was the thank you postcards that I made for the generous ladies who put together the Summer Sampler Series!


Beth said...

Love the squash!!! Haven't figured out the 'mug rug' thing, but that's because I just don't need more stuff...

The postcards are great. And a nice surprise in the mail. DH will be gone again, so I see a bit more time in the sewing room...

My Sweet Prairie said...

Nice postcards! And that is a terrific beer-mug rug! lol : )

thanks for linking the WIP post. You are always so creative.
in Saskatoon

Laura Martone said...

Wow, Becky. As usual, I'm floored by your skill and imagination. Keep up the good work! :-)