Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A few more blocks: Evening Star and Virgina Star

Gosh, the paper pieced Evening Star was quite the challenge for me!  But I was up for it, and it turned out so pretty!  I impressed myself LOL!  It's got to be among my favorite pieced blocks!
After that, the Star of Virgina was such an easy fun block.  I've made many of these, but never scrappy like this.  This quilt is coming together so well.  I love all of the colors!  It's nice to finally have enough scraps to do a quilt like this.  It's my 3rd quilt made almost entirely from scraps.  So far, I haven't bought a bit of fabric.  I hope I don't have to at all to finish this!  I'm taking a break though, and I'm off to the pool with the boys!!


Lisa Ann said...

I love those star blocks! I've been wanting to try a star block for some time and I'm hoping to do my next quilt in stars....hopefully for Christmas. Do you know of any good tutorials for them?

Lee said...

Beautiful! I just love the colors in your Evening Star block!