Monday, August 1, 2011

Greek Cross Block

Yep, I'm hooked on the Summer Sampler Series...  I had to make the Greek Cross blue, since my father-in-law is Greek, and would give me a hard time if I didn't!
I forgot how much fun sampler quilts are.  It's neat to focus entirely on one single block, instead of one block made many times.  I started my second paper-pieced block today, and honestly that's another biggie that finally drew me in.  I love to learn new skills each time I make a quilt, and certainly my ripper has been busy ;-).

The floor looks pretty too!
Luckily, my husband is looking out for our garden!  He pulled all of the garlic and tied them up to dry over the week-end!  NICE!!

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Susan said...

Look at all that garlic! Your greek cross looks great. :)