Friday, August 5, 2011

First Okra Blossom!!!

I just had to share this!  We have the first (several) okra blossom(s) in our garden!  Okra doesn't grow nearly as well here as it does down South, but it does grow.  Taking that into consideration, we planted a TON of okra, hoping to get enough to make me happy!  It's my favorite vegetable!  My husband even jokes that okra blossoms are my favorite flower :-).  They certainly are pretty!

Here's our harvest for the day:

I decided, as I was going through all of my batik scraps that I'm going to add more blocks to the summer sampler quilt (eventually).  I have a ton of extra 3x3 squares that I cut for Lee's "Supernova" quilt along that are just begging to be used up.  I'll have to cut up some more reds, greens and oranges to add to the mix.  I hope it doesn't get too scrappy!  I'm thinking of adding them checkerboard style, and putting the quilt on point.  We'll see....

With family in Texas, my mind has been there quite a bit.  I hope all of you are safe and staying cool!

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