Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer Sampler Series Quilt top DONE!

One good thing about having older kids, is that I can enlist them to help me take pictures :-).  I finished my Summer Sampler Series Quilt top today, and got my younger son to help me take a picture of it.  That's me (and our dog) behind the quilt!  It only seems fitting to be bringing this quilt to an end (or beginning?), as the weather turns crisp and the leaves start their beautiful demise.

Here's a picture he took of me (and the dog, again) as I headed inside!


Beth said...

Wonderful finish... and the colors (look like on my computer) the end of summer.... and something to keep you busy through fall (quilting).... So whats next?

Susan said...

Becky - wonderful Summer Sampler Series top! I agree about the older kid thing - they are great helpers. Happy Friday! :)

A.J. Dub. said...

Looks awesome Becky!