Sunday, October 2, 2011


To me, this is as pretty as a quilt.  It certainly represents just as many hours or more than a typical quilt takes to make.  I have easily twice this much, as we have another freezer that's full, plus 2 batches that I canned in the pantry.  We had our first local freeze, which took me by surprise, as it wasn't predicted.  I'm learning (in this case, the hard way), that our garden can be as much as 10 degrees colder than the weather station's prediction.  Luckily, it wasn't a hard frost, and I was able to salvage everything except our basil.  The amount of fresh vegetables that we ate this Spring, Summer, and Fall saved us a tremendous amount of money too.  They were also as local as you could get, all organic, and so fresh that I'm going to have a really hard time buying produce again!  We planted a bunch of blueberries, raspberries, and a grape vine this Spring that we hope will produce next year.  Our 2 fruit trees didn't produce at all, and the local deer have discovered them, so we're going to have to figure out how to deal with that.  But with just about all of our last produce preserved or eaten, I hope to have a bit more "free time" on the way!


Beth said...

I'll be right over for a taste!!! Great finishes.... the garden and the quilt. Deep breath and dive in again.

My Sweet Prairie said...


hey I'm swapping pumpkin recipes with you
: )