Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good things come to those who wait, and WIP's

It's Wednesday, so I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced blog's WIP wed party!!

Back in the fall, I started 2 quilts with "That Girl That Quilt-a-long".  One reason I only finished one, is that everything in my stash clashed horribly with the "Bliss Quilt", and I couldn't find a suitable back.  I put it away, planning on finishing it for next Christmas.  Well, sure enough, soon after Christmas, I found a bolt of the Bliss line on clearance at my LQS!!  Yipee!!!!  So of course I bought a few yards, happy that I waited, and that's next on my to-do list.  You can also see my work station in the back ground!

I also have my Mardi Gras Quilt pinned and ready to quilt.  I had this Mardi Gras colored fabric that I had bought about a year ago, also on clearance.  I bought it for another quilt back, but have enough to use on both quilts.

I also used some of the scraps from the Mardi Gras Quilt to make another Kindle cover for my Etsy shop, and made a few more as well.  I bought the Texas Longhorn fabric at a quilt store in the Dallas area when I was there visiting my family in August (ugh... something to think about when I'm freezing here).  But I ran out of velcro, so I included a WIP kindle cover so you can get an idea how I make them.  They're really easy to make, but I do spend a bit of time quilting them to make them special.

Here's a shot of this one this morning when the sun was coming up and shining through our east-facing dining room/kitchen window.  Pretty!

I made my son an ipod cover, complete with glow-in-the-dark thread.  I was going to include a picture of a WIP pair of pants that I made for my son also.  They're all done except for a snap I wanted to put on the waistband, but the local fabric store is sold out of big snaps right now.  But as I was dropping him off at school today I noticed THAT HE WAS WEARING THEM! LOL!  I sure hope they stayed up all day!  I'm getting such a chuckle out of that, and it's the ultimate compliment!  He's been in a "camo" kick for years now, and these pants were of course camo.  So sweet!  Hopefully I'll be able to put a picture up here soon! (still giggling)

Speaking of kids, my kids have scattered all of my big binder clips that I use for layering all of the quit together before pinning it.  I had to buy more today so that I can pin the bigger quilts.  How do you keep kids (and spouses / partners) out of your sewing stuff?  Or how do you get them to return them?


My Sweet Prairie said...

oh wow! I love all your free motion quilting!! Nice job! You are so good at that.

: )
Monika in Saskatoon

Beth said...

A- buy pink or make them pink!!! (you can take the clamps off, and whisk a bit of pink spray paint over them, or buy a paint pen and write sewing on them for ID).
B- on pain of death... they can't use your sewing scissors for anything, and if they borrow they must return!!!

and the projects are looking good.

Becky said...

Thanks! Both of you have given me so many tips! I appreciate it! Love the pink idea!!

Teje said...

Hi Becky, how nice to meet you! Thank you very much for your lovely comment!
You make wonderful quilts and that quilt with vegetables is just perfect - what an unique idea! I'll have to see all your earlier works, too! Have a sunny day! Teje

Phone Home Designs by ET said...

The fabrics you used for the Kindle covers are so vibrant and beautiful! I'd love to see your finished Bliss quilt in the future. I have to go to the LQS to see if they've reduced their Bliss yet so I can buy the backing material for mine :)

Lee said...

Oooh, the Mardi Gras quilt is looking great! And I just love that purple print that you used for the Kindle cover. Fabulous!

Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday, have a great week! : )