Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP wed

It's Wednesday, so I'm linking up with "Freshly Pieced" blog's WIP wed.  Come to her blog party to see what folks are working on! I have my "Bliss Quilt" all pinned together and just started quilting it today!  I hope to get it finished fast, because I want to start a new project!  If I get it done soon, it'll be the earliest Christmas present I've ever had ready ;-).

I also won my first drawing on an Internet blog!!  I won a fat quarter of wonderful fabric from JAQS Studio!!  She's giving away fabric each week right now, so hop on over there to win some!
I've also been spending a bit of time starting our "gardening WIP"'s.  This week-end we bough 4 blueberry bushes and planted them in our yard.  The problem is that a previous owner of our house decided to landscape the back yard mostly with grass and gravel.  YUCK!  We have lots of deer, so want them to be inside of our yard, so we spent a great deal of time and effort removing rock and moving it so we can plant.  This will be a WIP for a long time!  We had 10 blueberry bushes at the house we owned when my 2nd son was born, in Southern Oregon, and we miss them dearly!  We're all excited about starting a new blueberry hedge!

One last thing is a few pictures of wheat fields that are near Walla Walla, WA, a town hear us that's just as much fun to visit as it is to say.  Monika at "My Sweet Prairie" is making a beautiful fiber artwork based on a similar oat field picture.  I don't know what it is about these fields that we both find so beautiful, but they are!  Her blog post today made me want to find my own picture and post it!  There's a long shot that also has all of the wind turbines that are rapidly multiplying in our part of the world...Enjoy!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

nice quilting Becky!!

Susan said...

Your quilting looks great but your backyard job of moving rocks seems like it would equal a backache! I'm sure you'll have wonderful Blueberry bushes within no time. :)

Jenniffier said...

That is such cut fabric, congrats on the win!

Beth said...

bet you have already canned, frozen and eaten a million of the berries in your head!!!

I love to watch the winter wheat in the Kansas as the breeze moves across the field.....

Oh, and great quilt!

Lee said...

Love the quilting on your bliss quilt! Is that FMQ or are you using a walking foot? And congrats on your giveaway win, how fun!

Thanks for linking up, have a wonderful week.