Saturday, March 26, 2011

My new baby (sewing machine)!!!!

I just brought her home today!!!  I've been wanting a new machine for a long time now.  The stars have finally aligned for me!  I found this used beauty on Craig's List (I love that site!) for a fraction of the price of a new one.  I have been looking at new machines, and used ones on eBay, but the ole' budget has kept me from getting what I really wanted (new), and I just was too nervous to buy on eBay without being able to try it out in person.  I almost did.  But after narrowing down my choices, saving all of my Christmas, birthday, and tax refund money, when I saw this pop up on a Craig's list an hour away, I took her for a test drive then waited, hoping no one else would buy her. I'm still a little nervous about buying used, but spent a while tester her out, and have been sewing with her for a few hours today, and still think I got lucky!  The owner threw in a custom acrylic quilting platform, an open toe darning foot,  and a luggage tote in to boot!  The only thing I'm missing is a 1/4 inch foot with a guide.  I hope to get one soon!  I can't tell you how excited I am!!!  I feel like it's Christmas in March!!

Speaking of wonders, it's "rainbow season" here!  I saw this rainbow last night!  Enjoy!!


Beth said...

Unless you really need to sell the old one... keep it around... some day you will want the old one because the new one is in the hospital or someone will want you to fix the tent! In the mean time you can prop the door open with it.

Have fun exploring all the buttons and possibilitiies.

My Sweet Prairie said...



Elizabeth D. said...

Congratulations!!! I bet you're so excited :) Have fun getting to know your new go-to-girl!

Becky said...

Thanks! Considering the fact that my old one goes for about $25 on eBay now, I'm definitely keeping her (How'd you know I fix tents with her her Beth?)! I'm getting some additional horizontal space cleared off and ready to start FMQ-ing my UFO quilts!!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Hey Becky - regarding the Free Motion skipping (STORY OF MY LIFE :( ...) everything changed when I tried a top stitching needle. Try that. I use topstitching 12 or 14. I wish good machines weren't so DARN picky. I found that I can keep the Topstitch 12 whether I am piecing to free motion quilting. I don't love changing needles, but it's worth a shot!! GOOD LUCK!

Laura Martone said...

Congrats on the new (well, new-ish) sewing machine - and the rainbow sighting. What a lucky day!