Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monochromatic quilt top done, and why I make quilts

I finished up the monochromatic quilt top for the Modern Quilt Guild challenge.  I must say that I'm really pleased with this!  My inspiration was a pieced leather Native American Robe that is in a local museum, and I think in my own way I captured it just a bit.  I'm out of batting, and my mom is coming to visit later this week for the kids spring break, so I have to put all of my sewing stuff away, but hope to get it all done in time for the contest this time around...  I'll be linking up with Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday too :).  Come see what else everyone is working on there!

I also got these thank you notes in the mail today from my nieces (thanks to my SIL too).  I made them all quilt for Christmas.  This pretty much sums up why I quilt!  ALMOST makes me want to try to have a girl of our own too ;-).  Priceless!


Susan said...

I agree with your sentiments exactly about quilting...too late for me to try for a girl, but you go ahead! :) j/k

Mary said...

That kind of inspiration is always so refreshing :) I recently got a thank-you drawing from my niece too. Great design for the monochrome quilt, I like your color choice!

Beth said...

Nothing like being #1 in a childs life....even for just a few moments and the proof that it was so!

Good reason to keep on stitching... sewing ... quilting.

Quiltstory said...

What sweet thank yous!! Those are so precious, they make me want to try for a girl too! :) Great quilt as well! Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday!