Monday, February 14, 2011

More vintage sheets and Kona fabric swap arrived!!

Look what came in the mail today!!  I had both the Kona swap fabric from Gen X and Y Quilters blog, and the other vintage sheet that I ordered to make a repurposed quilt from!
When I read that AnneMarie had tons of red fabric, I got a bit excited, because I only have one big piece of red in my entire stash!  I'm just not a "red person".  I love red in other people's quilts, but as far as the color goes, I'm afraid it's probably my least favorite!  BUT, I have been wanting to make a red quilt, and I also have had an idea stewing in my brain for a few weeks now.  Knowing that the red was coming, I decided to wait to start on it.  The piece of yellow that I got will also be included!  Can you guess what it will be?!!
And yes, it's Valentine's Day!  It'll be our last "little kid" Valentine's Day, as next year we'll have 2 middle-schoolers, so it's kind-of a strange feeling.  But here's their "stash" from the day LOL!  Hope you have a great one!

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H2Ogirl said...

It looks as if you recieved one of my colors in the Kona Swap, and you're right down the street from me.