Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Featured on Gen X Quilters, First Quilts on the First!

One of the earliest quilt blogs I ran across was Annemarie's blog, "Gen X Quilters".  As a fellow "Gen X Quilter", I was so excited to "meet" other quilters my age through her site.  It really became a gateway for meeting others, and those sites for more, etc...  Thanks Annemarie for creating this place!

Today I'm the featured "First Quilt on the First"!!

Gen X Quilters

Head over there to see my first quilt, as well as one I finished less than a year ago!

Just for fun, here's my quilts number 4 and 5 (for my 2 nieces, who now have 2 more sisters).  I don't think I'd sew with this shiny fabric again, but it was fun!  Those tiny toes are those of my son, who now wears the same size shoes as his dad!


Kit Lang said...

Congrats! :)

AnneMarie said...

Great job Becky! Thanks for being a part of the "First Quilts" series!

Susan said...

So cool that you were features on the Gen X site! Love that story about the flannel quilt and what a difference between that first one and the one for your husband's aunt and uncle. :)

H2Ogirl said...

Eeep! How wonderful is that. .AM is just sharing the love over our way!