Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Friday Finish: "Blue Infinity" (twisted 9-patch)

I finished up my twisted 9-patch quilt yesterday!!  It's been a "UFO" for a few years now.  I actually started in in Michigan, and finished it in Oregon, and we've now officially lived here in Oregon for 2 years!!  Back in January, I finished the top, and blogged about it.  I included how I did it, if you're interested.

Unfortunately, I bought the black fabric also in 2 different places, and boy, is this ever an education about how solid black fabric can be so different (and such a lint trap and magnifier).  As a quilter, the color inconsistency bugs me, but when I recently showed it to some artist friends of mine, they said they loved the 2 different blacks, and even gave me an idea for a new quilt...

I pieced together the back with left over blocks, scraps and some wonderful fabric that I picked up at a yard sale for $1 a yard!  I love the fabric, and wish I had more, but it works great on the back of this quilt!  The red on the carousel horses even inspired my color selection for the binding!

The infinity design doesn't show up as well as I thought it would in the blue blocks, but does show up quite nicely on back LOL!  But best of all, it's DONE!

Speaking of Blue, the mountains that surround us here are called "The Blue Mountains".  Today, we got our first white in the blues!! (Hmmm.... maybe, as a friend suggested, I should call THIS quilt "White in the Blues" instead!)


Susan said...

Congratulations on finishing Blue Infinity! I understand your frustration with the inconsistencies of fabric that one would think should be of the same color - the same thing happened to me with Kona Coal on my son's quilt earlier this year. Love the back! Lovely snow on those Blue Mountains of yours...:)

Beth said...

Interesting observation. I wonder what the answer is.... It would be nice to know before you buy that a change has been made to the "loft" of the batting. Imagine planning quilting to leave a lofty space only to have it stay FLAT.

Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

I love the way the black fabric works with these colors! I haven't done much quilting in black, but I keep coming across pictures like yours that inspire me to try!