Friday, December 10, 2010


It's funny how things work...

Now that I got these tiny little fabric pieces all cut out and ready to go, I'm ready to put them aside. Now that they're laying around, my sewing world's equilibrium has been restored!

Last night I got this puppy all pin-basted together!

Today, I made a trip over to Walla Walla, WA, to my nearest Jo-Anns' store to take advantage of the 50% off coupon that I can only use this week-end (ugh). I only bought batting and more safety pins (also 50% off today).

The best part about my trip to JoAnns in W2 is that there is a teeny tiny butcher shop literally right across the parking lot, that I finally went into, because I had heard they had natural grass fed meat. It's called "Thundering Hooves", and I immediately fell head over heals for this place! They not only have natural beef, but pork, lamb and other meats as well! Plus you can watch as they cut it all up. I was pleased as punch to buy some ground lamb that'll be part of our Christmas dinner. We make dolmades, or stuffed grape leaves every year.

I also got lunch and went to my favorite grocery store there, Andy's Market. Our family loves sushi, and believe it or not, I have to drive an hour to find a store (Andy's) that carries sushi rice. Strangely enough, the local Safeway carries nori and wasabi, but no sushi rice. I've tried every type of rice and it totally is what makes sushi sushi... I'm not brave enough to make it at home with raw fish, so we use smoked salmon. There's thankfully no shortage of that anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

On the drive over, I was reminded of why I haven't been there in a while. I passed a horrible accident involving a log truck and a small car that was pretty shocking. The weather we get in the winter is icy, icy, icy! I don't stray far from home much, which is great for quilting, not so great for cabin fever!

That top image is just a picture of what's on my bed-side table. I LOVE the way those colors look together! Totally random, but so pretty! Inspiration for my next quilt? Amazing where you get ideas from!

Anyway, short story long, I hope everyone has a fun week-end! I'm already carving out a space on the kitchen counter to get this quilt finished, hopefully tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

I love the thread! So bright. I was at Joann's yesterday too...checking on some fabric and returning tree. =) Have fun!

Aunt Spicy said...

I just adore the three colors of thread together! I ventured out to JoAnnes today and it was not a fun adventure...but glad you made it safely!