Tuesday, December 14, 2010

50th Anniversary Quilt

FINALLY I get to share with you a big project that's kept me busy over the last month or two. It's a quilt that I made for my husband's aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. They celebrated a week ago with their son and daughters, and lots of friends. Unfortunately, they live far away from us, in Arizona, so we weren't able to attend, but we were there in spirit!

One wonderful thing about marriage is that you gain a whole new family. I quickly fell in love with my husband's family soon after we all met. I first met this aunt and uncle a month or 2 after we first started dating, at their youngest daughter's wedding. At the time we were living in Medford, Oregon, and they were in Portland, about 5 hours north. Soon we began spending many week-ends and holidays at their house with their family.

Soon after I married my husband, I made the decision to go back to school to get a medical technology degree (think hospital lab, or "CSI"). The closest school was in Portland, and "our" aunt and uncle graciously offered to let me live with them during the final 12 month "internship" program at Oregon Health Sciences University. I'm really not sure how we could have done it without their help, and am eternally grateful for this gift. It was the road to a great career that I have had for many years, and hope to continue for many more.

When I found out they'd be celebrating their 50th anniversary this December, I knew right away that I wanted to make them a quilt. Our aunt has admired my quilts, and her daughter, my husband's cousin, soon called me to ask if I could make one for her to give as a gift. I fell in love with this pattern, and as soon as I knew I could get it finished by the party, I said "yes". She paid for all of the materials, and I did the sewing. She also helped me with descriptions of their home decor and what colors they liked. The ladies at our local quilt store helped me select the fabrics, and gave me some tips on how to free-motion quilt it. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. I know they are too.


Beth said...

What a great gift and story!!! I'm sure they will cherish the quilt for a long time. I hope you put a label on it!!! It will end up as an heirloom.

Shelley said...

Wow! Beautiful quilt for such a special occasion!

Becky said...

Thanks! And, no Beth, I didn't put a label on it! Keep on me. One of these days I will get one on a quilt!

Quiltstory said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Love how you put it together. Thanks for linking up :)

Aunt Spicy said...

Wow! That is just amazing! What a wonderful gift!