Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finished projects!!

I've been quite busy the last week or two.  I'm finally getting caught up enough to post a few pictures.  It always seems that we either have the time or the money, but rarely both.  This year, I have lots of time, but not as much money, so I've been trying to make presents out of my stash, and have been really good about only buying batting, or fabric that I absolutely need to finish a specific project.
Our youngest niece turned 3 last week, and I made this chalkboard quilt for her.  I love how it turned out!  A friend had given me the pattern and chalkboard fabric (who knew they made that?), after she had bought them, then had her kids grow way too fast to make it for them.  I still have patterns for baby clothes that I never made, so I can totally relate!  I was happy to put this to use!
I also have been busy making this quilt for her older sister.  Her favorite colors are blue and yellow.  She's a big swimmer, and I had this beautiful blue and yellow fabric in my stash, so I made a school of fish for her bed!  It's my first "2 color" quilt.  I love making quilts for other people, because I never would have made this for me, but I LOVE the way it turned out!

I know of a few lucky family members who are getting kindle ebooks for Christmas, so I made these covers for them.  One is for a kindle, one for the larger DX.  These went together so fast, that I want to try to put a few on etsy to see how they sell.  Wish me luck!
That's it for the projects (for now).  I still have binding to do, but hope to finish them soon.
As we put up our tree and decorations, I pulled out my favorite kitchen towels.  Several years ago, I had my 2 boys draw pictures of Christmas trees on pieces of paper.  I then traced these designs onto "wonder under" double fusible interfacing, then ironed them onto green fabric, ironed that onto some cute towels, then stitched them into place.  If you're looking for a quick last minute gift for grandparents, this would be a fantastic one.  In fact I think I made extras and sent these out to family that year too.  Here's my favorite Christmas ornament... a leather puffin we bought in Alaska on a trip we took before kids (lots of money then, but very little time).

I also found a surprise in the mail last week!  It's not from a blogger swap, not something I bought, but a sweet gift from a good friend of mine.  She decided to cut out 2 of the same quilts at the same time, and sent me the 2nd set (along with the pattern)!  Isn't that sweet?  Last time we were together we did a similar thing.  She also just started a blog, "Cooking with Jenny / Jennifer".  Go check it out!
Finally, we've been hit hard again with some winter weather.  It makes for great sewing weather, but also has been giving us a bit of cabin fever!  The kids had a snow day yesterday, but here's the beautiful sunrise I saw this morning right before school!  Today's their last day before break.
I hope all of you have a great holiday season!  With 2 tweens at home and not enough computers to go around, I suspect I may not have much time or access to blog until 2011!  Cheers!

Oh, and it's "Fabric Tuesday".  I'm linking up with Quilt Story's blog.  head over there and check out all of the wonderful fabric projects


Sara vs. Sarah said...

Saw your link on Quilt Story. I'm impressed with your productivity!

Quiltstory said...

I didn't know about chalkboard fabric! Great work on all your projects!