Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wed and Rodeo

Here's what's on my sewing table today... the beginnings of my next postcard swap cards... I'm glad I made an extra set for me, because these are going to be cute!

I also have been wanting to join in with Kate's of "Swim Bike Quilt"'s blog's 100 quilts for kids campaign.  A recent story in the local paper about the local Linus project was what finally got me motivated.  I also realized that I have a few UFO's that I either lost interest in, or that are too small for anything other than baby quilts that would make a great quilt for this.  Here's one of them:

 I've been trying to make more Kindle covers for my Etsy shop as well.
Here's one I just finished that I love!

The tomato situation around here has almost gotten out of control.  I've canned or frozen 3-4 dozen pints now, and picked another 20-ish pounds just this morning :-O.  But I'm not complaining.  I keep reminding myself how wonderful they'll be in January!!

Finally, it's rodeo week here in Pendleton, and our little town has once again been transformed.  My boys have had all week off school, so I've done some running around with them.  Here's our Main Street:
Here's the Rodeo grounds (first of 4 "shows" started today):
There's a lot of fun people watching to be done.
There's also tons of merchants and artists to peruse...

Of course it's Wednesday, so I'll be linking up with Freshly Pieced WIP Wed, and The Needle and Thread Network's WIP link up!  Come join us!


My Sweet Prairie said...

Hey thanks for linking! I LOVE that postcard - but how will you mail it? (envelope?)

LOVE the first quilt blocks there - soooo cool looking! And I love what you sell on Etsy. : )

Have a great day Becky!

Anonymous said...

Those little kites are just adorable. Love your kindle covers.

Teje said...

Hi! those blocks look really wonderful and make lovely baby quilts! I love also your post cards, especially with the grasshopper!

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

Hi Becky, that's cool that you live in pendelton! I love all those cowboy hats, and your kindle covers too! I think I need to read back in your blog,.... michelle

Lee said...

Oh, that postcard is so cute!! BTW, I got the one you sent me - THANK YOU! I'm so sorry I didn't mention it before this - it came while we were on vacation and things have been a little crazy since then. But thank you, I love it. It's up on my sewing room wall next to the other one you sent me. I've got a little collection going. : )

Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

Beth said...

YUM on all accounts. I remember the small town Rodeos (Big Deal for the town), the tomatos look wonderful (in the winter my tomatos come from Isreal), and once again.... the postcards are neat...