Friday, September 9, 2011

A few more postcards

It hasn't been all canning and preserving around here.  I sewed up a very cute purse for my 5 yr old niece that I forgot to take a picture of :-(.  Her birthday was this week.  But I also made birthday postcards for my brother-in-law and my niece.  Can you guess which is which LOL?

I just have to brag about my brother-in-law.  20 years ago, he hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to Mane!  His "trail name" was "grasshopper".  That's why I sewed up this card for him.  Yes, I know it only has 4 legs, instead of 6.  I used clip art, as a pattern and failed to notice this until it was done.  I'll just tell him that one of my boys (or the cat) ripped the other 2 off :-O. LOL.

I am still swapping postcards with the Postcard Cottage Yahoo Group.  My August's theme was "Flower Power".  Here's what I sent out:

And here's what I got back!

Getting these little gems in the mail never fails to just make my day!  What fun!!!!

It turns out that my biggest fan is my little 5 yr old niece.  She sleeps with them at night!  Is that cute or what?!?  I just had to make her another one!
Didn't I tell you that these are the perfect summer projects!!!  Quick, easy, not hot, and extremely satisfying!


My Sweet Prairie said...

So pretty!! I will never tire of these little gems. : )

Sheila said...

They are such fun to create , I think I am addicted lol! Sweet cards and I bet the recipients loved them too :-)

Beth said...

Great looking postcards. They are still on my list... to do.... but things here are busy.... and I am swamped. Some DAY.