Monday, November 8, 2010


I got a bit of a surprise over the week-end when I found out that a package I mailed 2 weeks ago to an eBay buyer still hasn't arrived. I've been dabbling in eBay selling for a few years now. I sell used times, mostly kids toys, video games, and household items we no longer need or want. I've had a few glitches, but mostly it's worked out well. This buyer tried to open up a case against me, but eBay didn't let them, due to the still short time frame, and encouraged them to contact me, which they did. Unfortunately, I don't' always check this email account, and hadn't for 4 or 5 days, since the last eBay transactions were 2 weeks ago. Now I'll be checking it every day.... So I'm off the the post office today to investigate.

But I know exactly what happened. This person lives in one of those "M" states (there's 8 of them!!). I know this because I used to live in one of those "M" states. During that time, I also had packages take weeks and even over a month to arrive to me through the post office. Shipping from one small town to another really doesn't help either, but I find that many of us eBay'ers are from small towns.

The name of the town I lived in was also a common name and had other towns in other "M" states. When I quizzed our local post master about the delay in receiving packages, he said that often packages mistakenly get sent to the town in the other "M" state, and either misdelivered, or caught and mailed to the correct "M" state. Sure enough, there are multiple towns in "M" states with this particular address too. It's enough to drive me batty! So I'll probably get no where at the post office, and have to refund all the money to the buyer, which will leave me in a bit of a hole.

Hmmmmm Any ideas or suggestions on how to handle these handling errors? Off to the post office!

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