Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food and Friends

My good friend, Jen, is starting a new food blog! I'm so excited, and wanted to share her blog with you! It's "Cooking with Jenny Jennifer", and will highlight budget and family friendly cooking. I've known Jen for almost 20 years, and have sampled a LOT of her food over the years, and can tell you she's an excellent cook, and has a great sense of humor! So show her some love, leave her a comment, sign up to follow, and enjoy!

My own food journey has taken us into the fall, and we've been working on the very last of our garden produce, all the winter squash. Last week-end we baked, pureed, and froze several of our pumpkins. We carved up the rest, and roasted all of the seed. We still have dozens of acorn squash that keep well and will be eaten in the weeks and months to come. And we also have these monsters, "pink banana squash". Luckily, these store well too, but with so many, I'd LOVE an idea or 2 on how to cook and serve these, as they're new to us.

Last night, after a long hiatus, our deep fryer made it's first appearance for the season. With our garden potatoes long gone, I'm now buying them fresh and cheap in the grocery store. I LOVE potatoes, and my favorite way to cook and eat them is french fried! I know they're not good for you all fried an all, but gosh were they good last night with our burgers!!
We also had a house guest last night, and since my sewing work space is also the dining room table, it's all been put away, but I'm hoping to get it back out today and get busy!


Susan said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Your comment was the first by someone I do not know. What a thrill! I read through your prior posts and I really enjoy your blog. I do have a Lemon Tree in my backyard at my disposal all year long, but what I also have in which you may not want is wacky weather, fires, earthquakes, etc. :)

Becky said...

Cool! Blogging is a lot of fun! I'd love to have a lemon tree in our back yard! We had one in a big pot that we brought in during the winter, but it never did very well. My husband fights wildfires, so I'm all too familiar with those, but have never been in an earthquake. Hurricane, yes, earthquake, thankfully no!