Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This morning as we were getting ready for another school day, Biko suddenly created a larger-and-louder-than-normal commotion. Hurrying to the dining room window to see what he could see, we saw our first quail here in Pendleton!

It's not the best pictures, but considering the dog and kid noise and excitement I was in the midst of, it was a wonder at all that I got it. There were probably a dozen or so total, most safely on the other side of the fence. When we could take no more, and after Biko had scratched up the window sill considerably (grrr...), we let him out to chase them away. The bird lover in me is sometimes not too happy about having a dog that has a strong bird-hunting instinct...

I love these birds! I'm hoping that we can soon put up a bird feeder here in our yard, out of reach from the dog (maybe out of sight too). Neighbors told me we get pheasants too. I can't wait to see what Biko does when he sees those!

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