Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pictures of Pendleton

Shame on me! I realized after my last post that I still have no pictures of Pendleton on here! I've been downtown many times, but have failed to take any pictures. I had to go to the dentist today (got bad news... I need a root canal). He's just a few blocks off Main Street, so I took my camera and got a few shots looking down Main Street. Pendleton's down town area isn't as large as Walla Walla's is, but they both share some similar architecture and some neat old buildings. Also, it looks like I'll be back in W2 sooner than expected, as they have the closest endodontist. Oh joy! On the bright side, I may be delaying my next mammogram for another 9 years ;-)... LOL

Of course my favorite spot downtown is the Great Pacific Wine and Coffee Company. (Gosh I need to figure out how to do hypertext, or whatever it's called) I have a very hard time going anywhere near it without stopping to get some yummy cheese, delicious chocolate or food and/or beverage. I spent some time looking at their selection of local wines from the area. There are SO many wineries and vineyards in and around the area, especially around Walla Walla. I'm more of a beer chic than a wine lover, but I'm thinking I see a Saturday wine tasting tour (or 2 or 5) in my future!

Oh, and the last picture I took at a stop sign on a hill South of the downtown area looking North. I'm still surprised at how hilly Pendleton is. Some of the neighborhoods are quite fun to drive around in.

Not much more to report! Enjoy the pictures! Did I mention how much I LOVE our faster internet speed?!

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