Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's your sign?

We have DATES!! I can now say that things HAVE fallen into place. Chris will be moving into our house in Pendleton by the end of this week. He should be pulling into town some time today. Closing will be later this week. Then he plans to drive back (ugh!) in less than 2 weeks to help me and the kids move out. So, our last week here in Michigan will be the last week of October, and we hope to be all be in Pendleton by Nov. 1st! It's SO NICE to FINALLY have a date!!

As I get closer to our move date, I've been thinking about all of the things I'll miss about Michigan. Of course we'll really miss our friends and neighbors, but there's other things too. My friend Laura's recent post (Laura's Simple Pleasure, on blogspot) inspired me to take some pictures and write about all of the cabin and lake house signs that are abundant up here in Northern Michigan.

When I first moved to Northern Michigan, it was one of the first things I noticed. Every driveway seemed to have a sign of some sort, near the main road. Sometimes they're by the mailbox, sometimes not, some are plain and simple with only a number or a name, and some are quite elaborate. Some are very colorful, some quite rustic. Some have one fish, some have two fish, some have red fish, some have blue fish... You get the point.

These signs have always amused me... they are SO not my style, but never the less, there is something appealing about them. I have always loved anything and everything that is hand made. That IS my style... food made from scratch, quilts made by hand, furniture crafted by a loved one. I think that's one reason why I'll miss these signs. They are all so unique, as is anything made by hand. I don't know if it's a Northern Michigan "thing" or more wide spread. Chris says he's seen these lake house signs in Wisconsin too. Oregon doesn't have as many of these lake houses. In fact I think there are very few places in the US where people can still afford a lake house. Maybe that's why I see these here and not anywhere else. Let me know if I'm wrong... But anyway, I took some pictures of my favorite signs along the road I drive almost every day. Enjoy!

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