Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Are we at our peak?

Around here in Northern Michigan, it's all about the fall color "peak". I wish all of you could be up here right now! It's my favorite time of year. Talk about distracted driving! It's so bad that I've almost driven off the road because I can't take my eyes off of the beautiful trees in their full glory. I've learned to "stop and view the colors". In the half a dozen places that I have lived, and many others that I have visited, this time of year, up here in Northern Michigan is THE most incredibly beautiful place. No wonder people come up here (and many other places in the Midwest and Northeast) to "leaf peep". While I don't think we're quite at our peak yet, we're getting pretty close. The maples are putting on quite a show right now, and the oaks will soon follow with their more subdued pallet. Since we're close to the highest elevation of the Lower Peninsula, we get it first down here. Sadly, pretty soon, a fall/winter storm will come along and blow all of these pretty jewels out of the trees, and we'll know that we're past our peak.... Until then, here's some pictures I took yesterday for you to enjoy!


Laura Martone said...

Beautiful indeed! I need to take a few photographs this week, before all the leaves go away. I keep waiting for a sunny day, but according to the forecast, I might be waiting a while. :-(

Becky said...

Take more than a few! It's so amazing. I think the sun came out for a few minutes yesterday. And yes, the forecast is rather icky!

Laura Martone said...

If it clears up tomorrow, I'll take some pics. The maple trees are especially beautiful, and did you see the moon tonight?! It was lovely over Big Bear Lake - Dan attempted a few shots, but I'm not sure if they came out or not. We'll see!