Monday, January 7, 2013

Project Quilting 2013

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Project Quilting 2013
If you were following my old blog last year, you'll remember how enthralled I got about Project Quilting last year.  Each week, Kim, of Persimmon Dreams give us a theme, and we have exactly one week to create a finished project based on that theme.  It's incredibly fun to see how everyone else interprets the theme, and the creative challenge is such a great exercise (because we're all loving our New Year's exercise programs, right?).

Special thanks to Kit Lang for telling me how to make my very first mosaic!!

We just got our first challenge, a square within a square!  My first thought, being a bit of a science and math nerd was do make something using square roots.  Believe it of not, there are many many square roots used in quilting...

Then I remembered this sign that I mentally bookmarked, (and took a picture of), as a potential future quilt.  I love using these challenges to bring ideas to fruition!!  That's just what I'm planning on doing!!

Project QUILTING Season 4 Come join us if you're up for the challenge!!

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