Friday, April 6, 2012

New Orleans Queen Quilt almost done!

My big goal for the week has been to get this queen sized "New Orleans" Quilt all done so I can send it off to it's future home.  I just finished all of the quilting, but all of my helpers are at school or work, so here's a few smaller details of the quilt!  I used Isacord thread for almost the entire quilt, and I must say that this thread is amazing!  I love it!

As for the quilting, I used stippling for much of it, but added some fun "shutters, windows and doors" to the appropriate "blocks" to make it look more realistic.  I hope to do the same to my mini quilt after this is all done.  That'll be easy peasy after the upper body work-out of quilting a queen on my machine ;-).

Now all that's left is making the binding and sewing it onto the quilt!  My guys will be home over the week-end to help me get a good picture of it when it's all done!

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