Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finally! Solar installation starts!

We've been eagerly waiting a few long, sunny, months for this news! We got the call this week from "Livelight" (our contractor), telling us that our solar "kit" was finally in and ready for installation.

Part of Solarize Pendleton (and many other "solarize" programs) is that we all work with a single contractor to get the best cost savings. One problem with this is that if you're not first in line, you wait... and wait... and wait... But it looks like our waiting is almost over! Today the roofers came and installed the mounts and rails that the solar panels will be mounted on. It took 2 men about 3-4 hours to do it. With a new house like ours, with engineered roof trusses, it was pretty straightforward, so we were told. We feel lucky this way. I guess some older, and more custom houses have had a harder time mounting the "bases". Monday the electrician comes with the panels and inverters and such, then it's inspections and finally the electric company will hook us up to the grid. This is what our house looks like today:
We've watched a few other solar installations going up in our neighborhood and are excited to soon be joining them. Despite the long wait, which was also partially due to manufacturing delays and very high demand, we're still glad we went with the "solarize" program, and can't wait to show you the end result!!

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