Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love my Subaru!

My Subaru has been resurrected! Well, it never really died, but with our tight budget lately, it's been parked in the yard awaiting costly repairs and registration while we drove our other 2 cars. Yes, (blush), we have 3 cars! We bought our used Honda Civic hybrid when gas soared to almost $4 per gallon, and my husband was commuting 70 miles a day in Michigan. His big truck gets horrible gas mileage. The Subaru's all-wheel drive is perfect for the Pacific Northwest, and she did an excellent job in Michigan on the snow. I LOVE the hatch back (perfect "kid and dog car"), and the way she handles. The anti-lock brakes and airbags are something I would never want to be without. I keep waiting for Subaru to come out with a hybrid, but with the reliability of my Subaru, I can just keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

I bought our Subaru shortly after I got my first job as a medical technologist. I wanted a safe car to replace my Mitsubishi Mirage, as I commuted the stretch of I-5 between Medford and Grants Pass in the pitch black of pre-dawn. This stretch is notorious for it's black ice, and my Subaru quite literally saved me from what would have been a horrible crash one morning when a semi jack-knifed right in front of me.

My Subaru is comfortable, it's a racy stick-shift, it carried my babies in their car seats, and I hope that my sons will some day learn to drive this car. And it's paid for! Last summer it passed 150,000 miles. I took a picture of this moment in time while out geocaching with the kids.

We revived her last week, when my husband's truck failed us, the day after we picked up mom at the airport for a week-long visit. A tow truck ride (thank you AAA), week-end at the mechanic, and over 800 dollars later, the truck is now good as new, but it only took a set of new spark plug wires, a trip to the DMV, and AAA (insurance) for Chris to get old Ruby back to work. She still needs some work (cracked CV boots (?) on the front axle), but I sure did miss her, and am having second thoughts about selling her. She's been a wonderful friend!

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