Monday, February 8, 2010

Who dat!

I just wanted to say thanks to the New Orleans Saints for giving me a few hours of unadulterated bliss last night. My family and I watched from home and greatly enjoyed their victory along with so many other Saints' fans across the nation. It's hard to describe what this victory stands for for so many of us who have lived in New Orleans and who have been through so much sadness. Just to make it to the Super bowl was such a cause for celebration. The victory last night was truly icing on the cake.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a sports fan. I was raised in a family that wasn't big enthusiasts, but did get to go to the occasional college baseball game with my dad growing up as a kid. Last night really changed things for me. For a few hours I was able to escape, root for the only professional team I ever knew about growing up and was able to celebrate their victory with so many friends across the country via the Internet.

So thanks Saints! I DO believe!!!

On a more somber note, I've been having a particularly challenging time with my computer lately, and haven't been able to upload any photos to any websites. I've tried a bunch of things, but just don't have time to play around with it much more. I enjoy blogging because it's one of the few opportunities I have as a stay at home mom to do something mentally stimulating. It's also a way to connect to others which I enjoy. I also got offered a job, albeit volunteer, to do some writing from home, thanks in part to this blog. But until I can get the picture-thing figured out, it's just not as much fun blogging. So this may (or may not) be the last post here. Thanks for your interest and support.

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Thunder Bay Resort Quilter's Retreat said...

Becky, I have tried so many times to post a comment to your blog. I hope it works this time.
Thanks for sharing pictures of your new home and area with us. I hope all goes well with your new venture.